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Festival Hours

Sat.,  June 2, 2018, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sun., June 3, 2018, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

River Park Square, Plymouth, IN

Free Admission!

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• A small flat boat about 40 feet long and 15 or 20 feet wide built at Bremen by Peter Schlarb, Esq., arrived here the latter part of the week with 18,000 barrel staves and a quantity of heading. An experiment to test the practicability of navigating Yellow River.

Vol 12 No 23 April 16, 1868 Marshall County Republican

Peter Schlarb’s Boat has made another trip between Bremen and back loaded with

16,000 barrel staves. Vol 12 No 25 April 30, 1868 Marshall County Republican

Sunday the far famed “Bremen Packet” was torn from its moorings, ran over the falls, under three bridges and was finally swept broadside against the bridge that spans the river on Michigan Street. The craft crashed and tore away some of the timbers of this structure and is now a complete wreck. Total loss to her owner, $150. Vol 13 July 1, 1869 Marshall County Republican

• At one point Bremen was called the “Mint Capital of the World” due to it mint oil production.
• The symbol for Bremen is the “Water Standpipe” which was built in 1892 to pressurize the    water system.  It is on the National Register of Historic Places.
B&O built the railroad in Bremen in 1874.
• The historic train depot was built in 1929 and dedicated 7 days before the stock market      crash. It was moved in 2009 to its current location at the east entrance of Bremen,        restored and is now open to visitors.
Bremen was the home town of Governor Otis Bowen, MD, known to the locals as just  “Doc”, where he had a medical practice. 
• In Bremen the “Yellow River” is not yellow.
• A branch of the Yellow River running east through Bremen is called the “Armey Ditch”.
• At one time “Hooples” a local bar was the oldest bar in Indiana continuously owned

  by one family.
• In 2016 the folks of Bremen are bringing back the “Octoberfest”.
• Bremen has a Bremen History Center in downtown Bremen that celebrates the history    

  and future of Bremen.  It is open to the public.

Bremen, Indiana